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Nina Kourea

The Port Kembla Mermaids Exhibition & Book Launch

The Port Kembla Mermaids

Wendy Bennett

Carmel Keyes

Lynn Healey

Bec Bazzano

Dee Dare

Bev Ratcliffe

Dawn Robinson

Mary Thomas

The Port Kembla project was born out of the love of swimming and Port Kembla and of course celebrating the lives of women.
The Port Kembla Mermaids have been swimming together since 1966. They gather together on a Thursday morning at Port Kembla Pool where they swim, laugh, and support one another. Local photographer Nina Kourea couldn’t help noticing them on her morning swim. Almost 6 months later she has compiled some wonderful photos of the women and learnt a little about the history of this club and its members.
The strength and courage of women is a beautiful thing.
If there is a woman there is a way!
If you are interested in joining the Mermaids please contact me at

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